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July is Here

June 30, 2019

Hail and farewell to June and hello to July. This summer in the Bay Area will not be as dreadfully hot as the summers of the last four years. We’ve gotten enough rain this winter to make sure that summer will not turn deadly hot. I’m doing my best to make money while staying within the limit. I’ve succeeded thus far. They owed me retroactive money which has me saving quite a bit this month. My blog has to make money or maybe, eventually I need to sell a business plan.

But anyway, once I was slurred, back when I had the nasty pimple in my nose, and I screamed at the young ladies who did this to me. The funny part is that the light stayed red as they were making a left onto Playa Del Rey. I heard them yell “retard” and the next thing I was doing to them was screaming that I wasn’t feeling well. They also got told to not pull this shit on somebody who was feeling run down, with difficulty in answering back to them. Somehow I managed to call up enough energy to continue screaming at them. And continue screaming at them I did. There was a female electrician out at the time, and I heard her laughing as I walked back to my house, satisfied that I had avenged myself on bullies.

When I get the pimples, do not call me retard-face you fucking jerk-off. I know you did that, I know who did that. You may not know that I do have some dysmorphic facial features although my genetic disability is erring on least obvious. Don’t trigger me into feeling suicidal with that crap, please. Someday I’ll be a published author as well as make money from my blog.

The guy who yelled retard-face, now has my name via psychic link, and he can look up this blog slamming him for yelling at me. I know that black men like to make a woman feel insecure to see how she handles it. Not that I was looking at this guy like he was hot or anything, he wasn’t. Dreadlocks all over the place. He wasn’t even dressed well enough for me to merit looking at him. I’m older than I look hun. Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you. I go to occupational therapy at San Jose State, so if you want to be a demonstration as to how I use my chi, meet me there first day of the new semester this year in a few months. I’m not retarded dumbass, I have at least a bachelor’s

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