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Yay for the 1st

July 1, 2019

I have extra income from my copywriting that will eventually come in this month. Yes, I will report it when I do not feel too run down. This is why I’m cutting work 2 future from my schedule because I have a hernia. I’m also dealing with mental illness but this morning I feel fabulous because I did get a very good night’s sleep. I have stable blood sugars in the middle of the night, as I figured out my middle of the night basal rate settings. When it comes to my mental illness, I do not believe in keeping it secret.

That’s ridiculous. I do not expect stigma, therefore I will not get stigma. I tell people that say I don’t need medication, would you rather I stay civil with you? Or do you want me to be mean to you? It is bizarre how people seem to think I do not need medication. I’m sorry, but did it ever occur to you that being an empath causes me intense stress? I have trouble filtering out other people’s thoughts, which makes me very anxious. My medication helps me not be as anxious. I’m in a lot of pain lately besides, from the hernia which I’m trying to get the doctors to see needs surgery.

I figured out one angle on surgery though, and that is to make sure that my doctor knows my diabetes is under control, because control diabetes and I get surgery. I think that may be a good plea bargain that my doctor can live with. So I’m going to present this to my internist on Friday. That hernia is the smoking gun of all smoking guns. You see, mental illness or illness of any kind does not have to be hidden, anymore than I should hide my insulin pump. I feel in being open about it, which is why this blog exists as it is. I’ve finally solved a huge medical mystery I was dealing with, I have a hiatal hernia.

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