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Quit It

July 4, 2019

Quit calling everything retarded. Quit it. Do you have any idea that’s loaded for me? Zod called me a retard in front of my doctor once, just to be clear. Zod would claim that I’m not remembering this right. See, I had schizophrenia and didn’t know it for 30 years, the first thirty years of my life. My family deprived me of a diagnosis, much less conscious knowledge. I know every schizoaffective out there needs meds. With my psychic skill set, I’d better be taking my medication daily. Why you ask? Okay, ignorant other psychics out there, I’m willing to bet money you want me to treat you with common courtesy. Yes, polite.

So in which case, understand why I need my medication, as I’m a rapid cycler. Bipolars with rapid cycling change their moods very quickly. The last thing I want is to have a moody hissy fit with that. Quit calling people on medication retarded. Hell, quit yelling out “retard-face” when I have a nasty pimple in my nose. It took two months of antibiotic to be rid of that monster.

Quit calling people’s thumb retarded. Quit calling people a retard in general, quit messing with people who have chronic illness or disability. Anybody with low IQ can be quite functional as I’ve met them all where I live now. I know whose who. The thing is, real retards are institutionalized, long-term and often for life. Anybody you see on the bus, or on the street, or who qualifies for a disabled bus pass unlike myself, is functional. So quit calling people retards, okay? Not even Stephen Hawking was actually retarded, or so you think, only his body was messed up but not his mind. His body stopped working, he lived in it as best he could which is all most of us can expect.

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