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Psychokinesis is Everywhere and It is Driving me Crazy

July 3, 2019

I just had one helluva fucked up high blood sugar after writing down the way to bring down my mother is to not get stressed out or wound up, period. Stress is a huge PK trigger, I have now witnessed the mind-boggling sight of my plastic infusion set bent. I had to inject 5 units of humalog and wait until my blood sugar came down from 420 to 288. It may be okay to have a bent infusion needle but the bending is triggered by my extreme frustration with my mother who will refuse to get therapy, refuse to take medication, and refuse to stop drinking.

That is ultimately my number one frustration, you guys, is that she is busy telling me I’m messed up for taking medication because that is a character weakness. I didn’t have the strength to deal with my mental health symptoms on my own without medication. My stress on being low on strips is also triggering my PK along with the fact I had chocolate this morning. Yes, I had one spoonful of cocoa in my milk. What would ease my trigger is to have someone tell me it’s going to be okay.

I have psychokinesis and type 1 diabetes, my blood sugar is now steadily coming down and I didn’t test positive for ketones since I now have plenty of ketone strips that I didn’t have for like a year until I managed to have enough money to buy some more. Now that I’m starting to calm down, I realize there is not much I can do about my mother. She is busy going to yoga because she is using my energy that she gets by virtue of me giving in to her energy demands on a psychic level. She likes causing me pain. That much I know. I have learned that if I’m calm, she gets less food. If I diffuse my PK trigger, my anxiety, and my fear, then I can change my set with less drama as has been attached to that lately. I now feel calm enough to change my set because my blood sugar is down, and any number above 200 scares me anyway just so we’re clear. I’m like Uri Gellar, I share a skill set with him but I do not want to walk around demonstrating it. I keep to myself. My fence nails won’t stay put. I had to remove one board from my fence. Even new nails won’t stay nailed. Seeing is believing, I may as well take a picture of it.

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