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How to Become a Copywriter

July 6, 2019

What I’ve learned so far about copywriting on various websites is that I need to look into other freelance writing websites that actually exist. I have a list of 100 websites I can join. I’m going to start joining/signing up with starting a new passwords list. I work very hard to keep my work organized on my USB drive. Nobody in my family can even begin to comprehend how important that drive is. I was paranoid when the old man was in the States last, because I thought he had a bone to pick regarding the USB drive. I really did think he had it in mind to sabotage it. That is why I kept it in my room at all times I was home.

I had the misfortune to get a cold during their stay in the United States. So I stayed home the week I was ill and let them go about their business. I have to try to make $150 a week this month, as a way of making extra income. I have to try new websites. The least I could do is try. I feel like I focus on one website to my own detriment. I tried to focus on websites like HireWriters but they suspended my account for whatever reason, even if I did send them my passport PDF. Copywriting can be done privately, as your own business with any freelance writing website such as Upwork. I did get myself a book at the library on how to pitch properly when in Hollywood or any business situation that requires a decent pitch. I will read this book and see what I learn.

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