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What I Have Learned About Art Lately

July 7, 2019

I’ve been reading books on Art, one way on how to get into art itself, and make money, the other on how to start a gallery. One angle for my non-profit may be that we need to include art studio rental space in the warehouse I will be buying for my non-profit that helps disabled people get off SSI, or on SSI if they need to be on disability. What qualifies people for disability is having a mental illness or a chronic illness such as diabetes although diabetes alone does not necessarily mean you will get it. SSDI is for people who work.

But anyway, I have been reading about stuff like not eating in your studio because paint can get into your food. Art involves many other substances besides paint that could get into your food also. I have decided to become an artist because of reading fiction on schizophrenia and how a schizophrenic made extra money through painting when she got stable enough to do so. I can’t take a job with conventional hours just yet because of the recent unveiling of my hiatal hernia which I had long forgotten about, much less been told about.

*Grin. Got to love family keeping their mouth shut about something like this as well as my calcium deficiency that I didn’t know about while doing heavy sports most of my life. This is why I fractured my tibia in yoga as well as dislocated my knee cap, which wasn’t related to my tibia much, probably, I’m really not sure. I will eventually get a part-time food service gig at Le Boulanger, probably. That counts as getting my old job back. Art would be a side gig. I can paint outside in the yard for now give or take an easel, and supplies.

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