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My Non-Profit Continued

July 8, 2019

My non-profit for disabled or chronically ill people who want to get off or on SSI, will also serve as a way to rent an art studio. We need a big warehouse to set up one section of shared office space. The other half of the warehouse could be art studio space. And btw, Zod once said to me “don’t be friends with disabled people.” Excuse you me, this nonprofit serves us. All of us. I have a disability and chronic illness. 22q is the giver and the taker of chronic illness. I deal with a genetic disability that has caused me the hiatal hernia I have now.

Like I remarked yesterday on this thing, I feel that my non-profit art studio should be an off-shoot of the non-profit shared workspace that also provides a means to get people on or off SSI. I’m done with my family shaming me for everything. It’s why I stay the hell away from them, believe it or not. Nobody is more guilty than Zod, and by Zod, I mean in general, any member of my family since I’m leaving this cryptic deliberately. Yes, I’m going to start a non-profit. Doors do not open that is not meant to be, unless those doors are meant to be. In retrospect, I’m way too young looking to be a bartender. This is why doors didn’t open in college, added to that I was a functional alcoholic for a huge part of my adult existence, during which time Zod took me seriously and paid more attention to me in general.

This non-profit has to be addressed because it is designed to help people get on or off SSI. I’d provide access to a lawyer. It didn’t take much for me to get mine, but other people I know who are trying aren’t so lucky. The non-profit will not only help people with this stuff, it will provide a space to rent an art studio for artists. As it is, I know sketchy things about art right now, which means I need to take an art class at De Anza, also when I start film and television coursework.

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