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OCD Runs in My Family But Few Take Meds and So Does Schizoaffective

July 9, 2019

I’m pretty sure both grandmas on both sides of the family had schizoaffective as well as OCD. The smoking gun piece of evidence for that is how my family would make comments about how grandma would fantasize about leaving the stove off, begging to turn back when they were going on some outing somewhere in Chile. But my Spanish grandmother was pretty much someone who had that religious scruples OCD issue. She was a very devout Catholic who has a pagan for a niece. I’m sure she has gotten used to it over the years.

My family has OCD only because they were born that way. You wouldn’t guess this though from the way they treat me because my illness is under control. Wow, I mean I’m stable and here they say the opposite? Give me a break, losers. You people need help. I’m pretty much praying for my family a lot because letting your symptoms run your life is no way to live. It’s sad really, when I’m around them and see their symptoms, their narcissism is giving them, as well as interacting with their bipolar and their narcissism.

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