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The Graveyard of Dead Shoes

July 10, 2019

The Graveyard of Dead Shoes is an Art exhibit I have planned to protest my lack of footwear provided by Zod (my family). I’m having trouble finding size 4 narrow on eBay. But then again, I need to make extra money to pull off being able to pay it in the first place. Zod is hell-bent on not giving me money for footwear. Hence my desire to start a footwear company for people size 4 and under since we have immense trouble finding mature-looking shoes, not in the kid’s section. I need to buy cardboard signs, also having to come up with what to say on those signs. I’m using this exhibit to come out of the 22q closet just a little bit.


My foot size is a result of 22q, without growing very much. They decided against giving me human growth hormone. Drat. I really could have used is a bit taller than I am. Caffeine use from the age of 12 may have also stunted my growth. But anyway, yes, I can still kick you mere mortals really hard in martial arts class where I get to cultivate my chi while being embroiled in using it. You have any idea how hard it is to find size 4 track spikes? But in high school, Zod and I somehow managed it?


I plan on making this art exhibit like the circles of hell in the Inferno, as Dante is one of my favorite authors. The shoes will be displayed in a circle, cordoned off with rope. The rope will be thick and held up by wooden beams. All to illustrate why my mother won’t buy my shoes anymore. I have limited income although I have ways of making money. I’m going to start exercising more of those ways of making money. This blog had better start making more money soon too.


My exhibit is also meant to highlight my business ideas. All 22q means is that I was born with pediatric-onset schizoaffective, that’s it. Nothing more. I’m not going to announce it all the time, seeing as I’m the sort of person who has many irons in the fire, a jack-of-all-trades, master of some type. I’m a writer with many books in my head that I have to work on. I want to resolve my health problems in a way that makes sense to me. I have kept on having to change my infusion set lately because every time I do, my PK turns on. Blasted energy telling metal what to do, it haunts me daily.

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