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Adventures in Shoe Shopping

July 11, 2019

I’m not going to send back my ill-fated and ill-fitting shoes. I decided to keep it as proof of the spoils of war. The way Zod’s brainwashing works is they make you agree with them, like “I’m going to throw this or that out,” like that’s a good thing. They act like such lovely people. But they throw out my stuff without my permission. Zod doesn’t like non-matching dishes or things in general for example but that is a persnickety OCD perfectionist trait that is thrown on everybody else. I’m going to try to make extra money copywriting but my true shoe size is a 34, not a 35 in European or a Size 4 Narrow in American.

Yes, I’m very financially frustrated right now. So in which case, maybe I could get a refund from said family. Or not. I need to find Birkenstock sandal style footwear that works for me. Then again my projects state that I’m going to have to hustle to pay my final bills at the end of the month. I’m glad I’m done paying Sprint. I wish I were Paypaled the price of my ill-fitting sandals. I have to wear other shoes. I’m fine with winter shoes, not summer shoes. I’m going to go for a bit of a walk today, to the bank to pay my credit card bill. May my shoe situation resolve itself.

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