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How to Make Money Using WordPress

July 13, 2019

Blogging allows you make money per visitor who reads and/or likes your blog post. I would like to manifest $100,000 a month from my blogging habit. This could happen to anybody. I want to make at least $100,000 a month so that I can wind up with $1,200,000 or 1.2 million dollars. This has to buy the condo off of mom and dad so I can have the deed. Funny that I don’t have my car title anymore though, I don’t know where that went off during our move three years ago. A moving process in which I lost my medal collection since Zod threw them out in order to get an extreme reaction from me.

You can make serious money blogging or with affiliate marketing. Blogs make money on autopilot if you treat it like a business. You may perceive WordPress as hard, but I started my blog on WordPress years ago, and monetized it one month when I was sick of being low-income. I’m still low-income but I’m trying to make more money online by writing copy. Today I have to buy a frying pan since I screwed up my frying pan yesterday morning by using a squeegee on it, having also forgotten how to use the PAM.

Blogging does make money. It can make enough money to be a livable wage. This is what I want. 80% of content should be about problems you are trying to solve for people, while 20% is about stuff you want to write about. This is how you get traffic to the blog. There are many ways to get readers to read your blog such as using Facebook. My blog is linked to my Facebook page, which is set to mutual friends only, sorry guys.

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