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Funny That

July 15, 2019

Okay, bloggers, it appears that when I laugh too much, I get told to take my medication. But when Zod laughs too much (female family member), people think its funny. Why does the disparity between someone on meds and someone not on medication exist? Interesting really, because it means that me, the treated one gets treated differently than the untreated one. I’m able to drag myself to urgent care today while the others drive each other to the doctor. I have no support system while my family has a major support system. What is wrong with this picture? I was told not to ask family friends for help.

Well, gee, hmm, I have a huge pimple on my face, which may mean that the other pimples that aren’t going away are not infected, yet. I’m going to urgent care this morning to see if I can get antibiotic for the pimples again. I’m run down, tired, and feverish, but I have to take myself by bus. I’ve gotten all the copy writing done for the day that I need to do. There really are no excuses to avoid going to Urgent Care. Anubis and Sekhmet have kicked my ass into going to urgent care myself. I’m also running a low-grade fever, so in which case, I’m off to urgent care in a moment, by bus.

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