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How to Handle a Bully

July 16, 2019

The best way to handle a bully is to intimidate them back by ignoring them. They are trying to get a rise out of you in many ways. At Work 2 Future with that one mentally unstable person who was busy calling me a famoustard, while I figured out to call her manic person back. I said to her “because I’m so fucking retarded right?” to shut her up. This is why I’m not going to work 2 future right now, having a hernia is more than enough health-problem drama for me. I maintain a low profile because I do not want to risk people feeling sorry for me, ever.

Sure I have a lot of health problems, but I know how to show up for class. These last few years with work 2 future, I’ve been showing up to class, not feeling anxious with sweaty palms, and knowing how great medication can be. I have felt pretty good. See, I have an understanding with my doctor, I get to decide my Geodon dose for myself. I’ve decided to keep it high this summer, since my uncle passed away in December.

Bullies want to shame you. That woman who walked in on me in the bathroom at a restaurant in downtown San Jose, was watching me wipe my ass. I didn’t look at her, I just focused. She was the crazy one who opened the door. I used silence to intimidate her. When I got out, they had a table close to us. I simply sat down, and tried to validate myself. What the hell was she doing staring at me? I’ve tried to manifest a bully, domestic-violence, and stress-free life with dumping the ex. I also live mania and workaholic-free. A day doing nothing fills me with shame at the thought but I have that option now. I have business plans to organize, and write. I’m often very busy.

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