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Which Business to Start First?

July 23, 2019

I have no idea, which businesses of mine are something I can start immediately. The t-shirt business is easy but requires inventory. I have trouble keeping my ideas straight. There is a list. For example, gummy consistency glucose tablets. Better tasting glucose tablets. Then there is the matter of my ice pack for my insulin pump which I need an actual pump case to start using. The ice pack could be used for other infusion devices also, as SCORE pointed out to me that there are other drugs out there that require infusion although I’m not sure which kinds.

At any rate, my to-do lists will be centered around my businesses. I’m like, in waiting mode though, and procrastination mode at that. I’m saying to myself, I can start working on it when all my ideas are on computer. I have to start working on my businesses now though. I mean, right now, only because I’m not getting any younger here. I want to accomplish something significant with my life. I’m 38 and I feel like I’m having a midlife crisis but I do not look my age. My looks severely confuse people and this is why I do not have a picture up on the Internets, well, that and my staph infection. I’m paranoid about taking any pictures since the infection shows up on pictures. For some reason, it is localized around my chin.

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