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My List of Completed Business Plans

July 25, 2019

My business plans are on a list that I call Business Ideas Categorized. Only one of my friends has seen this list, besides my therapist who has also seen it. I finished many a business plan in the last three years. It is up to me to figure out how to sell a business plan, because I’m done writing them. My IriatheIrrepressible website didn’t make any money because I didn’t market it or incorporate it. I just programmed and set up the website with a hosting company, Go Daddy, which I think it was anyway.

I finished my business plan for a website to let web developers congregate online so as to find one in your own hometown rather than rely on some distant freelancer. I have not started my shoe retailer business plan. But I finished my personal assistant phone app plan. I also finished a social network for writers and coaches of all kinds, sort of business plan. I have one supposedly for-profit that turned into a non-profit half-way through creating the plan because I realized that charging for business consulting is something I eventually want to do. My idea to organize statistical data in a comprehensive way using the Internet is a for-profit. Then I had an idea for a website for healers.

Healers of many kinds, to connect to them with an appointment in the real world, and letting those healers earn a salary in addition to the fee they charge, as I’m trying to make psychic stuff more affordable for people, because it is really expensive to talk to anybody who is a professional psychic (i.e. a telepath who makes money). I have thought about having a website for authors who need their book to have a companion advertising website. For this to work, I need to download a new Google Chrome for my Mac, as well as Adobe Dreamweaver. Of course, I will try to find someone who can actually get paid for this, using Clickaway most likely.

I deleted one idea on the list, because Fivver already exists and is useful. Then I have an idea for compiling book reports on a website featuring a report for many different books. This would help people make money using the Internet. I’m also having it in mind to make books available digitally like Amazon does provide. I have monetized my blog, and written a business plan for this blog. Other idea categories include inventions but I have ideas so new I can barely tell myself this idea let alone write it down. I have ideas for brick and mortar businesses that I’m going to keep to myself, but then again I would like to start a Bay Area anger room in San Jose. I also have an idea for a bodyguard service. What makes me fume is watching disabled people get mistreated by their minders, because they deliberately mistreat people who cannot fight back. My list of non-profits is another blog post altogether. So I have to wonder which business plan to sell first, as I have many ideas that require an angel investor, someone you do not always have to pay back if you get a grant.

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