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Childhood Emotional Neglect

August 1, 2019

Nobody in my family takes much interest in my writing or my interests in general. They pretty much do not read my blog, so this article is quite safe to post. My parents did go to my martial arts tournaments but that’s about it. Nobody showed up to my track meets, not in high school and not in junior college. I have more self-discipline than people in my family though because I quit drinking as was covered in my last blog post. Childhood emotional neglect is defined as a parent’s failure to act on their child’s emotions, to take care of their feelings, or to notice that their kid has feelings in the first place.

Narcissists love accusing you of something that they actually did. We folks who have been through this have a specific type of struggle going on, or more precisely a set of struggles such as difficulty trusting other people. I have a huge problem relying on anybody, period, which is why when I had the staph infection I took myself to urgent care by bus on a weekday. At least the bus’s end of the line is at a prominent hospital out here.

People who have been through this kind of neglect feel disconnected, unfulfilled and empty. Parents fail their kids by not giving them structure or rules to live by, and heck; that is the story of my life. The emotionally neglected do not necessarily have a concrete memory to draw out but have multiple types of memory trauma lodged in their body. I’m trying to work on this stuff consciously. My body remembers feeling unsafe, which triggers me into feeling unsafe sometimes even when I know logically that I’m perfectly safe. Dr. Jonice Webb does write about 10 struggles emotionally neglected adults go through in her book, Running on Empty. One of my big fears in my adult life is getting close to people, close enough to have to rely on them.

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