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Story Ideas: DarkDawn, DarkDusk, Dark Midnight

August 2, 2019

This trilogy is an idea I’ve been floating around with for many years, since junior college. My blockages come from people criticizing my short stories, which I started writing back then, when I had untreated or improperly treated mental illness. Dark Dawn started off as a short story about an anthropology teacher who gets abducted by aliens. She then rethinks everything she has ever been taught in school about how we humans did things ourselves in the remote past. Then how was the Great Pyramid built, what was it, and why later on was it used as a tomb not a power plant as it had originally started off being used?

This work is meant as a trilogy because I want it this way. It popped into my head this way when I was in junior college. Why I haven’t started writing this is beyond me but it is a huge psychological block I have to get rid of. I had a muse in my tai chi class years ago, who helped me unblock myself. I have worked on a type of block schedule for all my writing. The block schedule helps keep me focused more or less but on Tuesdays I do not necessarily practice my fiction.

Fiction has become a bit of a struggle for me to write. I did manage a novella that I’m occasionally submitting. The thing is, DarkDawn is about the beginning of the chaos, because the story gets set in a parallel universe where aliens bomb the planet back to the Stone Age. In the second book she tries to stop this from happening. In Dark Dusk, they win as a way to prevent the dark stuff from happening since Ana comes back with advanced knowledge in her head. The aliens made a parallel universe in her head to see how she’d react. She is plugged into a machine that gives her the universe as well as full feeling in her head.

Eventually they let her go. She feels she has to warn the UFO people about this stuff coming true. In Dark Dusk, they manage to stop the alien invasion. But I’m not sure how, because my idea is still sketchy. I don’t know when it will come out in full. I had some dreams tonight about this very story idea as I remembered that my plan for this blog was to write about this idea today.

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