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Journey To Atlantis

August 3, 2019

My characters are about to go after their alien stepfather (a grey), who is trapped in a military installation. Alcira is about to use her abilities to mess with a guy’s head. As in, he’s going to get psychically manipulated but she’s anxious as everything because she fears misusing her abilities. Her sister is trying to reassure her in the car. They will successfully beak in to kidnap their Grey alien stepfather. They will take him back to where a ship will take him home. I don’t know what happens after that. Journey to Atlantis has to do with time travel, and actual Atlantis. I meant the Opening New Dimensions series to be six books, just like Frank Herbert’s Dune.

It is meant to be a story for girls, with a female heroine. I’m working on this story in my head before I open the file. It’s just that fiction feels blocked to me. I’m wondering why that is. I know that I feel I might have been cursed. But hey, if I’m ever going to make real money from writing, I’d better quit being lazy. I tried to submit my novella somewhere. They didn’t necessarily want it. I dislike writing under the gun when writing fiction. I can do it when I’m writing copy. The Internet magazine I work for has taught me how to deal with deadlines without getting paranoid. I’m grateful for the chance to teach myself.

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