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Short Stories: The Perfect Copy

August 4, 2019

The Perfect Copy is about a cop, named R.J. Salinger, who lives in Berkeley, in the year 2016 to the present. I wrote this science fictions story when I was in junior college or when I was at least 20-21. I need to expand this story into a short story collection, then I want to produce a television show with this idea. I’ve decided thanks to the Zephyr Self-help center, that I have to get an A.A. in film and television. For some reason, my San Francisco State transcript remarks that I do not have graduate school standing, but I finished the credits necessary for my Bachelor’s.

The Perfect Copy is about a female cop who deals with clones. The whole world is set up based on genetic engineering, people who have it, people who don’t, people who are clones, and people who aren’t clones. I wrote this around the time the entire human genome was sequenced, in 2003 ish when I took my first creative writing classes. I learned a lot in those classes. My story is about how R.J. Salinger live in the 21st century. I typed up this story word-for-word, but now I can’t find the file. I should be able to find the file, but I can’t.

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