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Writing Blockages

August 6, 2019

My writing blockages about writing fiction are many. Tuesday is supposed to be writing fiction day but I done a huge copywriting article that I was working on today track side. I have to stare down my blocks, because much fiction needs to be written. I’m trying to face my fiction writing fears. It comes from dealing with somebody who was criticizing something in my work that was non-existent. I dumped this person right away after she left demeaning comments on my Facebook page. She also revealed that she didn’t disclose her disabilities to employers. If I did that, I’d die. I’d flat out die from the ignorance that some employers cling to. I want to beat my writing blocks.

So part of that is facing my fear. If I’m to become a writing coach among other things, I need to do this. I’m also blocked when it comes to coding. I’m trying to make extra money with copywriting. So I’m obsessing over the copywriting. I picked a rather long article to work on. It demands much editing, so I’m going to take two days to work on it. I do not want to engage in my usual speedy-Gonsalez writing routine. I want to take my time. I need to write a bunch of short stories that are stuck in my head. Short stories are relatively easy to write. My own fiction is traumatizing me but write it I must. My own ideas throw me into a tailspin of anxiety because if I’m afraid of it, then I’d better make my audience afraid of what I’m writing.

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