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Dark Dawn Summary

August 7, 2019

My first Dark Dawn book takes place in our normal universe as paranormal investigator Ana Rodriguez takes on investigating aliens and UFOs. I have no idea where the setting of this story even is. I am thinking, a small town in between San Jose, Gilroy and Morgan Hill, but I can’t even name it. I’m also thinking, maybe Dulce, New Mexico, but I’ve never been there so I do not know what it looks like. At that point, I have to make things up. This is something all writers wind up doing, which is why my creative writing professor used to say all stories are lies. A writer is a great liar. Great. Just great.

The whole class went into an uproar because of that. And many other things, but this is the past. I’m working on my story background with this blog because I have to put together the background in my head and on paper before I actually start writing. My background ideas are heavy. I’m having trouble latching onto concrete ideas, maybe because it’s the middle of summer and I’m focused on winning the sleep war. I am working so hard to win this war. I’m also trying to bleed less when I check my blood sugar not as often as I normally do. I have to work out major story details. I remember I wrote a longer rough draft for a Nanowrimo once. Boy do I ever need to replace my old laptop.

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