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A List of Business Plans I Need To Finish this August-September-October

August 15, 2019

On my desk, there is a piece of lined paper with all my business plan goals on it. These business plans are something I want to work on this week. Demography Organized is about how to organize demographic information that Google is trying desperately to do so but there is so much floating around, it is hard to keep it straight. It’d also be a work from home job where people get paid 0.05 cents per link. This idea is something I’ve been working on this week. Thursday is business plan day as I try to work on a block schedule but my excuse for avoiding the writing of fiction is to simply work on copy that makes actual money.

I ghost write articles that do not have my name on it. But Deliberate Magazine gives me bylines. My other business ideas are a database that has literature Cliffnotes on it that people who have actually read the book write, so they would be submitting book reports since we’d have a list of major American, Canadian, Australia, and U.K. books. We could expand to include modern authors, kind of like Good Reads. It’s a complicated idea that I want to get started in one day when I have money.

As far as money goes, I’ve calculated what a monthly blog income would be if I get $100,000 a month. It would wind up being 1.2 million dollars a year. But anyway I have another business idea for natural heat packs made of seeds that you sew up. That is one idea I could get myself a kiosk at the mall to sell. It’d be a have my own hours sort of job. I’d be in a crowd a lot at the mall though.

Yes, this is a business plan in my head that I’m going to work on. I also want to go tot the mall to talk to somebody business who knows about this stuff, and what the overhead costs will be. This would have to be something I’d do as an interview kind of situation. I’d have to set up an informational interview with somebody at the mall. My other ideas involve establishing a Bay Area anger room. It’s a company based in Dallas, Texas, where people are into setting up a room with nothing in it aside from items that can shatter when you throw them.

Another idea I plan to work on like crazy this month is my bodyguard service. I’d hire girls who want to protect women from domestically violent situations or when they are going out at night. Having someone with you feels safer than going out alone. I do not go out alone at night at all. My final idea to work on will be a blurb about professional female bodybuilding.

  1. Good luck!! xox

  2. iriavp permalink

    Thanks, hun, its work. Enough work for a lifetime. These ideas just pop into my head. Maybe it’s a bipolar thing, but a business plan helps you analyze the validity of an idea. When you make it realer, than inside your head, you make it a fact.

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