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How I Have Had To Come to Have Perfect Diabetes

August 16, 2019

I was so surprised at my current A1c, which is your three-month average, mine was 7.1% or 157. The thing about WordPress is that you guys are my homies who kick me in the pants. I do all my prewriting on this blog because you guys help me figure out what it really is that the story is about. I love that. You guys are cool for doing stuff like this, being my Muses. I’ve thought about working with the ancient Greek Muses because I need inspiration and a kick in the pants to write DarkDawn, book 1 of the series. I see three books that want me to write them. I have many ideas that need to be written in the next 30 years.

I’m most impatient at my tender age of 38 that I do not look like. My 3-month average was so perfect; that floored me because my glucometer average is 175. I’m working on dropping it. I have figured out a way to control the fiery sensation of my psychokinesis, check my blood sugar before changing my set, and also, try to inflict physical pain like flicking my wrist with a rubber band. For some reason, pain helps me ground myself. For others, pain leads to them becoming ungrounded. I’m not like most people.

I could have a real talent for shamanism, because I feel like I can walk between the worlds, and stay grounded. My average needs to be 135 in my glucometer. I’m asking myself the question: Can a hernia disappear? Could I, Iria, heal a hernia so that it just vanishes? I don’t even know anatomy well enough to answer this question but it is worth asking my internist how this is possible.

It is also worth trying psychic surgery. That is not the crap skeptics think it is. It is merely a dimensional shift thing that can yank out useless body parts one doesn’t need. Some liars use chicken guts to make it look like they tore something out of someone’s body. That’s the fake sort of healer. I’m busy trying to keep my average perfect while losing my infusion sets to psychokinesis. My infusion needles bend when I think of something frustrating, like my diabetes not being perfect when it actually is. I’m a harsh mistress of myself I suppose.

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