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My Book Ideas Keep Growing

August 24, 2019

I have a stage name/alter ego who will get their own monetized blog on WordPress eventually, when I can afford to pay for monetizing my blog. My alter ego will write about stuff like psychic attack. It is my psychic worker stage name, also. I cannot reveal this name here in this blog. I’m doing my best to work, work, work, and make money here, so my character will do a lot of work for me. I feel more comfortable reading for people if I hide my business identity while doing the psychic stuff on the side. I do have a Wix page.

I have a long list of my alter ego’s book ideas, such as one on real magick versus fictional magick. My book ideas keep growing. As Iria, I can write self-help books with doctors or eventually stand-alone as I will get my M.D. someday. This is why I feel urgency to make money, to get away from being low-income. What matters when you budget is the pot, the grand total in the pot, not the purchases of the little things that you make in between the act of earning money. I’m working on an article for Income Diary about how to make money online.

I’m working on a plan to make more money as a freelance copywriter. I like freelancing because you are running your own business on your own time. I got a USB drive with interviews for other freelancers who are into using Upwork. For some reason, they won’t accept my profile but I’m trying to have it to through eventually. I need to fix my Kindle, and my Square since I have a chip reader ready to go. I’m trying to make real money here, something I have no idea what it is like to have in my short 38 years, where I’ve made $12,000 reportable dollars since the year 2000 when I started working for real. My family would not let me work part time in high school. But anyway, that doesn’t mean I can’t work in the present. It is a necessity of adult existence.

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