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Roommate Drama

August 25, 2019

Back in college, my past-life karma led me to the worst situation of my life with my roommates, all of who were narcissistic, maybe. All drank, did not take care of their chronic illnesses, and tried to sabotage me with expecting me to drink. All that alcohol I drank in college could have landed me in the hospital. I didn’t get really sick though, lucky for me since processing substances a certain way is a psychic ability I do not know enough to comment on but I know that some spirit guides can help you process chemicals, and it may be called a Gatekeeper guide? My roommates bullied me, called me a retard to my face, and had parties when I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m an introvert. I do not socialize very much when I’m not feeling well. Like today, we have my Pagans in Recovery meeting that I cannot go to because I’m busy staying home today. I don’t feel like I can make it to group without seriously getting overloaded. I had drug addicts for roommates who picked on me nonstop. They wanted me to move and I was like, okay, sure, but the school wouldn’t let me move until the beginning of the semester when I found a graduate student since I took my work seriously. I did my studying in the afternoon, and I’d go to bed early.

I was on an entirely different set of meds at the time that caused me boils. Or maybe I caught staph at school from somebody since the doctors gave me a prescription for doxycycline. I look back on my unstable days and I get scared. I let my family dictate to me how I was to proceed with my medical care. Until I found SSI, I didn’t know that my medical care could be my decision alone. Other people on campus were busy slurring me when I was out, and I was already paranoid on college campuses from my schizoaffective. I was already suffering enough. My roommates just made it worse because one would study in the middle of the night and never sleep, as she was a paranoid methhead who didn’t know that the drugs were messing her up.

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