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What not being on medication can do to a schizoaffective with OCD

September 9, 2019

Not taking medication means a schizoaffective bipolar 1 and OCD is a victim of all their moods. Their illness runs their life. They have delusions and imagine that alcohol makes it all better but this isn’t the case. They have significant impairments so they find reading in Spanish easier, that’s their first language. Not taking medication does not do one a favor, when they realize that schizophrenia is their disability but I’m the one who is supposed to be the retard in their minds. Gee, thanks for believing the old man in every deranged little delusion he has. These days, there is less-stigma on mental illness. We have ways of talking about it, so deal with your life because I’m tired of doing your emotional labor for ya. You need serious help since you can’t admit you are wrong much less see the need for therapy.

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