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What Sleep Deprivation Can Do to The Body

September 8, 2019

Sleep deprivation means you can only function at half-mast. You cannot piece together information from whatever source. Sleep deprivation affects your ability to drive also. This is because sleep deprivation is something that affects your cognition a lot and if you already have mental health issues whether it would be from bipolar 1 or schizophrenia, not sleeping enough leads to a mentally disorganized brain. The next day after a sleep-deprived night, puts the sufferer in a bad mood, making them all too cranky. Long-term sleep deprivation can put your health at extreme risk, says this article cited below.

Sleep deprivation causes memory issues, as well as trouble thinking including trouble concentrating. Your problem solving skills start atrophying without getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can also impaired driving ability, since sleep deprivation can impair concentration. People who do not get enough sleep, who have schizoaffective, are not doing themselves a favor. Not getting enough Zs can make you moody as well as increase your risk for car accidents or injuries from a variety of possible causes since sleep deprivation can make you careless. Not getting enough sleep puts you at risk for high blood pressure.

You can even have poor balance, so I suspect my yoga accident three years ago that made 9 years of experience go down the toilet with my dislocated knee cap and fractured tibia, was caused by me not getting enough sleep as well as psychic attack from Zod (family members). I was unable to deflect her. I shouldn’t have been in yoga class that day on top of it. I was stressing. I didn’t know that less than 7 hours sleep could lead to health problems. Sleep helps your body heal itself, while restoring its chemical and hormonal balance.

Sleep deprivation is so horrible to put someone else through the way my family put me through this. I was exhausted until my 20s when I started trying medications. I was not allowed to see a psychiatrist until I was like 21, when I should have had a concrete mental health diagnosis in high school other than oppositional defiant disorder. Sleep deprivation can affect your mind as well as your emotional state. Sleep deprivation caused me hallucinations that also come from my schizophrenia. It also triggered my mania. But my family seemed somehow okay with this.
I’m grateful that in the present, I can get enough sleep even if it pisses them off. I take my medication, whatever.

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