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How to Quit Toxic Environments

September 7, 2019

I was raised Catholic, and I tried very hard to be a good Catholic but my family is not made up of bible readers, something I took very seriously. I quit the Church because I felt it was a toxic environment. I take stuff like that very seriously. I take it seriously in my present because toxic environments are the root cause of a lot of illness. My mother never took that seriously, considering taking me out of elementary school, which was a private Catholic school, and also high school. There were many times, I hated my freshman year but stayed put only because of my friends.

I had thought public school would be a safer environment. But then again my high school had a great foreign language program-which I quickly excelled in. My freshman year Spanish 2 class had me being terribly bullied by people cat-calling my name in class a lot. They’d demand my answers be done for them, but I was like, no, you are doing the work yourself. I had to be aggressive constantly, which wore me out. Someone gentle like me gets very ill in an environment where aggression is constantly demanded of you to make it your fault. In my present, if I were ever in that situation again I’d probably pass out, or get really ill. Mob violence is lethal to me, even if it existed in my past lives.

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