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My Deity Sekhmet and Partial Possession In February

September 6, 2019

All I know is I was too run down to fight back until I felt Her and a power surge. I had a huge pimple in my nose, I mean gigantic, red, and infected. I had to take a 60-day course of antibiotic just to be rid of it. October is when pimples on my chin come out, while in February I get the cysts. It is winter, I assume it happens because my immune system is run down. But anyway, the people who saw me get off the bus while crossing the street, were two girls, one blond who pretty much screamed “Retard!” at me. I saw her, she ducked. I screamed at her for a full five minutes.

I was saying that I’m not feeling well, how dare you call me a retard, and why on earth do you need to do that? She ducked. She had to duck and cover the whole time. A woman electrical engineer saw the whole thing, chuckling as I walked past her. I was furious because I was thinking, wow, how dare they slight me like that. What I didn’t notice at the time, was that I was tired. There was no energy left after therapy to gather my loins and fight back. There is no way I could have fought back without Sekhmet’s help.

Sekhmet was an ancient Egyptian deity of healing who later got corrupted into a Deity of War. She is ferocious. She had Called me into service, because I didn’t go to her. I’m contemplating writing a letter to the editor about the other person who slurred me during this time in February of this year, because he called me “retard-face.” Only a letter to the editor could tell that guy, using my stage name, which has to be kept separate from this blog,

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