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Magick and Mental Health

September 5, 2019

Now if I suggested before that a 12-year-old with untreated pediatric onset schizophrenia, should not be introduced to witchcraft under any circumstances, since that makes the person who did this to me like Q, introducing them to the Borg, I suggest that pagans with mental health problems watch their practice of magick. Magick is something you are careful with. It can burn you if you are not delicate about taking your medication. Magick can be a deadly force in this Universe with karmic consequences. Some people with intrinsic magick capability are great at manifestation because they are capable of manifesting certain things.

A whack job has to be careful with how much magick they use. It is a delicate process even for non-mentally ill people. I define my self-help writing as a magickal act, enough so that I save it in my Book Of Shadows folder on my USB drive. Hell, eating enough calories and cooking for myself is a magickal act. Taking good care of myself is my responsibility that the Gods take very seriously. Divine protection is real and works great. The second I dick around, and mess my mental health up, that is when all the Gods get pissed off at me. This is why I’m medication consistent, because I can function.

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