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Writing Goals for the Month, will, I get them done?

September 4, 2019

I want to write plot outlines for The Land of True Blood, a novella, and the Dark Dawn trilogy’s book 1, DarkDawn. It is supposed to be a campy, science fiction novel with bizarre humor written in. I figured that I could make this intense book 150 pages and leave it at that. My fiction and poetry have bizarre blockages going because I am not able to kick negative things people have said to me about my writing out of my system. I’m trying not to overdo anything this year, one of those being working myself to death, as workaholism is a real disease. You over do things for imagined love, and social acceptance.

My Deliberate Magazine article will eventually come out about workaholism given that I need to write it still. I have like five articles left for this job. My copywriting limit is three articles a day, maybe for two weeks. I also have to write my pamphlet, about my psychic stuff. I even have business plans I want to work on as well as finish in the next few months. I’m not getting a real job from the universe until the plans are finished. My USB drive has room in it for days, months, years.

In January and February I tried to write down my goals but I was too run down from my intestinal obstruction to make any headway on what I thought were my goals. This is why writing is the first work from home job, the ultimate work from home job. I mean in 2016, I was ready to start working at a real company, but I dislocated my kneecap and fractured my tibia in one day. So anyway, yeah, I have goals now that I’m feeling well enough to pursue them. I actually wrote poetry, gasp! I have poems stuck in my head that need to come out. As far as my copywriting goals, I want to make $200 in two weeks, with three articles a day.

I’ve decided not to cash out this Friday since it was the holiday weekend that slowed down the autoresponder. But anyway, yes, I’m okay financially this month because I saved money last month. I even wrote a spreadsheet as well as a Word file that I managed to calculate my potential income from unconventional income sources such as publishing my books, and stories. I think I have the stamina to write a lot this month if I don’t do any violent sports, which I can’t do because of my knee injury anyway. That happened for a reason, so I don’t break a wrist, arm, or finger. That would mess up my writing career real good. But anyway, my knee is better so I can get a job in food service, as a baker, or as a line cook.

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