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How Empathy Works and Why

September 3, 2019

We are not talking about the conventional explanation for empathy, which is mirroring people’s emotions back to them. You will find this in a basic psychology textbook, so we aren’t getting into it. Empathy as a psychic talent on the other hand involves feeling other people’s emotions way too deeply. You know what is going on with them before they open their mouths. You can tell them verbatim what they are feeling. If you are a telempath, you hear their thoughts followed by their emotions. Yes, this sort of thing makes me crazy. I feel stressed when in a crowd of people.

I also feel stressed in hospitals, in particular if I’m alone. This is why I need someone with me to go to large medical clinics. I think in San Jose, I can handle going on my own because it isn’t as crowded as say, Los Angeles. At that point, I need people to walk me to class so I don’t get paranoid, even if in San Francisco I made it to class on my own back when I went to San Francisco State where I got my creative writing B.A., my first Bachelor’s degree. Empathy is a psychic talent because you feel the other person’s feelings as if they were your own.

Imagine walking into a hospital and feeling everything going on around, that’s how I feel whenever I’m in a hospital. Hospitals overwhelm my psychic senses. This is why my doctor told me to find someone to give me a ride for the endoscopy. She insisted on my not going on my own. So I found a family friend, and that was the end of that. Empathy can be confusing because you also pick up on other people’s pain, with an ability to draw the pain into your own body. It becomes your pain if you do not know the difference.

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