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Clairaudience is a Bitch When it Comes With Schizophrenia

September 14, 2019

Schizophrenia is really easy to understand as it comes with hearing voices, which is a natural thing your brain does when it is born hallucinating and having delusions from the moment of conception. Clairaudience is a talent for hearing otherworldly beings on one frequency. All clairaudience is, is being able to access more than one frequency in your brain. If you can hear deities, then you have a direct link to the gods themselves. Clairaudience is a huge ability because you can hear people’s thoughts. It is one kind of ESP.

Clairaudience is pretty much a way to hear fairies too. You can hear dead people’s thoughts with it, as well as the thoughts of people in a crowd. Hearing things is part of the deal, guys, and you are stuck with it. Although there is a way to filter input, because you have to make sure that you know what is from what. I need teaching from somebody who understands schizophrenia and how to treat it. The only treatment for schizoaffective is to take your medication, daily. That’s a fact of life. You want to stay stable? You are adult enough to take your medication and to be responsible for it.

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