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Automatic Writing and Clairaudience

September 15, 2019

All the writing I get done in the treated present is automatic writing, at least all my non-fiction as my fiction has a huge block. Yes, my fiction is blocked by some kind of bizarre shame issue I have going with it. I really need to go see that chiropractor friend of mine. She might have fixes. It is a chakra energy blockage thing although I did write a novella with a cliffhanger whose sequel I need to write. Clairaudience is about hearing things through your ear clairaudience centers or ear chakras. You hear things that you are attuned to hear but there is a way to block it out.

You can turn your clairaudience centers on and off at will. I really do have schizoaffective, so in which case, I have my regular thoughts, someone else’s thoughts, and hearing my usual delusions. Not all of them go away with medication. Sometimes I wonder my medication is an actual thing that will help me, which it does, but I have trouble sorting out which is which all the time, from having an untreated mental illness until I was 30. Or at least schizoaffective that wasn’t properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist who knew to diagnose. I was going to internists. Dang, you should never do that. I can now tolerate chocolate again thanks to regular participation in my Telekinesis group where they’ve taught me some stuff.

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