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My Chore Chart

September 16, 2019

On the sheer crazy and off-chance that my mother knows about this blog, which she doesn’t, I’m posting my chore chart. Nor does she bother to read this thing, and honestly, I prefer it that way.

Saturday – organize kitchen countertops, stove, and microwave
Treat: Starbucks baked goods, no chocolate in them.

Sunday – take out the garbage. Treat: 7-11 ice cream with Lactaid or slurpee. I need to buy more Lactaid since buying it on eBay is really 50-50 with whether it is expired or not.

Monday – Toilet bowl, tub and sink.
Treat: Ice Cream from Sweet Retreat

Tuesday –Sweeping the floor, and mopping the floor.
Treat: Samosa

Wednesday – Cleaning off my desk in the bedroom and taking out the garbage.
Treat: ice cream sandwich

Thursday – The Sink and the refrigerator and the freezer, which desperately needs cleaning.

Treat: In and Out, when I feel up to hiking all the way there just so I can burn a calorie. Many of these treats will require use of lactose.

Friday – Vacuuming bedroom, carpet and kitchen table cleaning.
Treat: Denny’s

Yes, in fact, all these treats are lactose-ridden in the high-lactose American diet scheme. So far I’ve done two Monday chores on Sunday, and I swept the floor on Sunday too since I found myself with the energy to do all of that.

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