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Dim Mak, the Touch Of Death

September 22, 2019

The Dim Mak pressure points are known to cause death, if applied but this knowledge is not meant to be in the wrong hands. I don’t know who remembers the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess but it was one of my favorite tv shows in high school. She knew pressure points. She knew major pressure points and I’ve studied some in my adult life. In my martial arts class, my senior year of college, I was able to learn one dim mak point on your cheek that you put on the upper cheek bone close to the temple. This is to knock someone out not to cause death.

Touch of Death

Dim Mak can incapacitate, cause delayed death or cause instant death. Pressure points other than dim mak could be used to incapacitate. A blow to the temple can disorient your opponent, behind and somewhat above the eye. 4 different bones in the skull join together. Your opponent will react by raising their hands to their head, which leaves an opening to go after their body. Keep in mind there is a lot of fictional martial arts information out there that is separate from the real thing.


My article that I somehow lost, went into a point I read was in the back of your head, where your skull meets your spine but on the skull itself. The best way to take out any opponent is to kick them in the gut or in between the legs. Dim Mak is an extremely dangerous knowledge to have but it is helpful. If you know it, you can easily intimidate people.

Clears Tai chi

You do not always have to hit your opponent in the stomach, but rather in the kidney or bladder. Not that hitting someone is fun, it isn’t. You can punch an attacker in the side to incapacitate them. Some points could cause a shutdown of the muscles and nerves, nerves that do not last too long, because striking specific points on the leg could cause muscles to go weak. The leg then cannot support the body, and the person collapses on the ground. Dim mak can certainly cause a lot of pain to the opponent or attacker. Dim mak could cause a delayed death in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Hitting a pressure point is done intentionally to disrupted the physical flow of chi.

Wiki How

Chi is energy, or prana, or life force. Chi is what keeps the body alive and working. A Dim mak point is able to be disruptive of that point. Pressure points or acupressure points are everywhere on the body and meridians need to have their energy flowing properly in order for your body to function at all. The area below the Adam’s apple causes pain when struck. Pressure points are necessary while fighting if you are smaller than your opponent. Stomach-9 is located near the carotid artery that is located in the neck as it is an anatomical feature that can carry blood to the brain.

When someone is hit to the point of provoking unconsciousness, the results could be that a sudden drop of blood pressure among other factors leads to unconsciousness. The person who practices dim mak may have advance techniques of most pressure points that are useful in a fight situation.


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