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Curing Income Inequality and Homelessness

September 22, 2019

Rather than rounding up the homeless population and putting them into detainment facilities, why not actually try to solve the problem for once? Each homeless person may have untreated mental illnesses that they have struggled to treat for years with alcohol or worse. Santa Clara County alone has many resources to help the homeless. I do not give my money to bums who think, little, push over. This because the second you open your wallet, they’d try to take it from you. Bums are very dangerous people who cannot be trusted, not even female bums.

Social workers are in a field where part of the job involves working with homeless people or other at-risk populations. In Santa Clara County alone, there is the Office of Housing & Homeless Support Services that provides services to the homeless who have decided to change their lifestyle. HomeFirst is a lead provider of services, shelter, and housing opportunities, to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Santa Clara County while they serve 4,000 adults, veterans and families as well as young people throughout 7 locations. These organizations are groups I’d like to volunteer for if I have the stamina to.

Income inequality is best resolved by getting the billionaires to pay up. Each billionaire already gives money away to charity, even those who went through a prior experience of not having enough money.
Income inequality is a very real vice in the United States and around the world where there are extreme gaps between rich people and poor people. These problems need to be tackled but the current administration has not done so. The next few administrations have to tackle many problems including climate change. You can’t avoid the homeless problem in the United States let alone climate change.

The homeless problem is not resolved by putting the homeless into camps. Homeless people need to learn how to handle working for a living, even those who spend their lives begging for change, or morsels. They look for scraps. But see, I don’t give my money to them, not even the bum that practically kicked my chair in Berkeley many years ago. Having any sort of job helps a former homeless person orient back into the real world. Homelessness could last a long time for those mentally ill people who sleep on the street every single day of their lives.

I do not believe in giving money to the homeless but I believe in volunteering for organizations that help them. You have to make sure that the organization you work for is genuinely invested in helping the homeless.

Some are not very organized anyway. I’ve been interested in helping the homeless since my senior year of high school when that was my volunteer service project. The homeless who stay homeless are the sorts of people who imagine they are stuck in their present circumstances and cannot see anything better for themselves. They are trying to improve their life circumstances, if they can be provided with the resources to do so.

Rich people have to start opening their purse strings. Companies in general have to be able to pay for a livable wage among other things. Retail does not provide a livable wage for most people but it is income all the same. In San Jose, we have many a strip mall that you can walk to, from home to your job and back again. This is one way to resolve the income inequality problem. Also, taxes do not have to take out so much from our paycheck. Income inequality exists, and we aren’t doing much to address it right now, but it could become worse in the near future.

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