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My Name is Not Exactly Christian

September 21, 2019

My mother had to talk a priest into letting me be named Iria when she took me to see the family as a baby. Sure, my name comes from Iria Flavia, which according to their Wikipedia page is an ancient settlement that is currently Catholic. Camilo Jose Cela had the title Marques de Iria Flavia. Yes, it is a very Catholic place name but were it not for me becoming pagan, Buddhist, and Gnostic Christian, I’d have pretty much just said, Catholic stuff got boring for me. Plain and simple, this is why I turned away. I was bored. You can’t risk boring someone with many irons in the fire like me. Iria Flavia was a traditional residence for bishops. So yeah, but the name as I wrote in my other blog post a few days ago may be pagan in origin and means “peace” or according to SeaWorld, Goddess of Peace. My YMCA had another one of me which I found out about because I happened to tell the clerk that I thought I was the only one named Iria. Lol. Imagine that. My mother has people at Google with her name on top of that. Yes, my name is no longer that unique and I know of another Iria Vasquez in New Jersey. Lol.

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