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Karma Is a Bitch: What That Has to Do With the Akashic Records

September 20, 2019

What goes around comes around. The Akashic Records is a vast library of everything ever said or written down. I’ve been doing some reading about the Akashic Records. You can access any mean thing ever said to you, in order to throw it out in someone’s face. I plan on doing this with family. I can channel the mean things they’ve said to me, and this can work on anybody. They’ve been outright cruel but oh no, we will deny this along with our mental illness as well.

I come from such cheeky people. Karmic payback is real. I lost my library books last week because I was busy throwing my energy around too much. I was busy being mean to people actually. I can now stop cars by directing energy to the ignition. How the hell I do that is beyond me but I’ve set up a dart board to practice throwing darts using energy to direct the arch it flies to the board on. In real life, magick is available to be used, but there are no rules about its use, although the Gods may be watching us humans and how we handle the arrogance that magick can bring out in some of us.

I have to struggle with this daily whenever I find myself fuming at people’s judgments on me. There is a voice in my head that makes me imagine people are calling me a retard constantly but that was a psychic hex from my roommate in college. Said roommate was calling me a retard over and over again but I got up and said if I’m a retard, you’re an idiot. These were people who hated me for no reason, and were drug addicted or mentally ill without treatment. I escaped that house. Without my parents help. Yes, folks, karma is a bitch, even if you have to wait years for it, but this is why the Gods teach us patience with karmic payback.

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