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October Approaches

September 27, 2019

October is coming furiously. But we will not be dealing with 90-degree heat every day this year like last year’s Indian Summer, which was pretty horrible. My goal this October is to embrace my talents, not to run away from them. Maybe it’d be a good time of year to do a controlled experiment with chocolate, how much chocolate is too much chocolate. I want to be able to say psychic things without scaring people but sometimes it is too much for some people to process. I figured out at the grocery store that they carry only one brand of Parmesan cheese.

I’m just relieved I’m stable. I know when to raise my meds, when my signature at the pharmacy become awkward to write, if it is in a squiggle format, squiggly in general, and it doesn’t look right. I also know to lower my meds if I’m way too relaxed which will happen on November 1st, 2019 where I could take a chance and lower my meds for a while but the second it rains I may have to raise my meds. But anyway, yes, I’m trying to embrace my psychic talents in October, such as when I figured out that Lucky carries one brand of Parmesan and that’s it.

Also, I managed to share a claircognizant insight with my Diabetes Educator. I said, “patent ductus asclerosis” does not necessarily heal on its own. She confirmed that little insight right then. This is the heart condition I was born with, which is nonexistent now. I have been to echoes, and cardiologists, and yes, I’m telling you, it doesn’t exist. I have to stop complaining about my abilities already and use it. I can read Tarot cards. I worked really hard to have this particular skill. I have a chip reader, what is stopping me from starting my psychic reader business. Hell, I suppose I’m just paranoid about stigma.

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