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Martial Arts Training I Want To Get

September 28, 2019

I’ve wanted to get back into martial arts for a very long time but it’s just with my hernia that I’m wondering if it is possible. Stomach crunches may aggravate my hernia and my knee is still very much trying to heal itself after all the hell it put up with being stiff since 2016. We really don’t want to freak out my hernia any more than necessary. So I’m thinking biking at the gym may be safer than martial arts. But hey, martial arts still calls to me. If I can find a great kenpo school, even better, or tae kwon do for that matter.

I’m forced to take it easy from my knee injury. I don’t want to over do sports, which is why I have a knee injury to begin with. When my family is here, two narcissists always together cause me stress. Martial arts helps me take care of that stress. So does yoga. Yoga is a fabulous exercise in general, because it burns 196 calories while tae kwon do burns 321 calories an hour. I could wolf down Happi House dinners with brown rice before class, and still be stable because I didn’t need that much insulin for it. Ahh, yes, those were the days, but I still have to take it easy regarding all sporting activities.

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