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Television Show Ideas

September 30, 2019

I had thought with my degrees, I could become a television producer. I can get an AA in film and television while working on my IGETC requirements. I have a bunch of television show and movie ideas that I need to write up. I look forward to taking a screen writing class in order to make something of this idea, eventually. I need a job in LA while I get my MFA at UCLA after all. Hell, Law School itself will take time. But it is good for my stress not to be in school right now. Greyschool, that counts as school stress. It is online pagan school.

I’m trying to be a more productive person here, and I’m trying to write every day. I have to work on a short story about my family that I want to be 8,000 words. I have another one in my head about mom’s fear of psychiatry, which will be published under my pen name. My television show ideas are many, and I even could set up a travel show for myself. But traveling is very hard on a schizophrenic with type 1- diabetes. It gets exhausting. I have to be wary, and the last time I traveled I didn’t have the tools to raise my medication. Of course, nobody took me to the doctor that time, even if I needed fresh thyroid medication, etc.

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