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Small Feet Large Feet

October 2, 2019

I’m starting a shoe company because while my feet are a size 4, they did stop growing, thank goodness, there are people who have smaller feet than myself. Imagine what a size 3.5 goes through to find shoes or smaller than that. Finding shoes in small sizes or finding shoes in large sizes is extremely difficult for those of us who do not have conventional feet size. My feet put most people’s big feet to shame but I feel ridiculously ashamed of having small feet to the point where I gave my podiatrist shit. I really did. I was like, don’t you dare comment. Oh, good thing he learned his place with me real fast.

Thank God that he’s just a referral from my endocrinologist. Today is do the laundry day, and I’ve been busy getting that done since I bought myself underwear off eBay. Yes, because my knee is now recovering due to me not walking around so much on it when I shouldn’t have been driving either. For the first time in my life I’m doing what I really want to do. My brief time at Work 2 Future served its purpose. I got the skills I needed to learn.

My business idea is meant to be a kind of database as well as its own company. I’d have to rent an office to take care of the shipping. Or at the very least, eventually carve out a corner of a warehouse or something. I’m not even sure how to begin to do inventory for this idea, but it is the business plan I’m working on now that will include number crunching. Yes, I will have to have actual numbers. I still can’t afford a pair of sandals I want. Last month was an experiment on how to properly make money once a week. This month continues the copywriting experiment. With my knee, it is all I can handle. Therapy, copywriting, writing, business plans, and reading my USB drive on Upwork.

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