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Why Rapid Cyclers Need Their Medication

October 5, 2019

Rapid cyclers need their medication because they change emotions very quickly. Rapid cycling simply means that emotions are very sensitive in the person who rapid cycles. A rapid cycling bipolar as bad as I am needs their medication to stay stable. Medication is a permanent dependency and necessity. Once you become dependent on pharmaceuticals, you cross a line into needing to go to the pharmacy a lot. In fact, I go to the pharmacy like once a week give or take having to refill my meds. My insurance is fabulous to maintain but sooner or later I need to make real money here.

I have spectacular business ideas that may work out. I’m trying to work on making sure that I finish my business plans by December 31st, 2019. Not necessarily the 2018-2019 list either. Not every business idea works though, I’ve had to remove some. My ideas are something I need to take care with. Nothing is worse than a rapid cycler who is flighty with ideas while obsessing over the flight of ideas in your head. Also, I think bipolars are notorious for bad spending habits since the symptoms of bipolar 1 crop up in your 20s when you are in college, trying to make something of yourself. I realize I’m lucky I finished my B.A. in creative writing.

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