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My Career Options

October 5, 2019

Copywriting actually uses all three degrees, my anthropology A.A., which was a happy surprise, my A.A. in creative writing and my Bachelor’s in creative writing. I’m a school junkie I suppose, and I’m working on ways of improving my self-esteem. I’m trying to teach myself to go “I’m not in school, good!” instead of letting the inadequacy take over. I’m trying to feel good about myself. I could become a literary agent, work for a company that deals with books, work as a copywriter for Apple, but all of it has to be remote as drama or politics results in making me very ill.

Work 2 Future got my head out of my ass about working in sales. While I can be good at sales thanks to various types of my psychic talents, I do not like messing with free will unlike my family. I find this sort of misuse very draining to use because I’m a good person who likes doing good. I have many career options to put together including working on my business ideas. I’m also looking into becoming a psychic reader. I have a wix site, I might have found a business partner, and I have a bunch of business ideas that could work. I’m wondering who I can send USB drives to and it looks like cousin can be trusted.

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