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Psychokinesis is Such a Bitch

October 9, 2019

As a student of all things energy who also happens to have schizophrenia, which is treated and under control, I find psychokinesis to be a total bitch. I have seen wood bend because the little skewer stick bent under me getting stressed out about being low income. My triggers include higher body temperature, since if I have a fever, apparently that triggers the psychokinesis since my body temperature is already elevated. I have to be really warm to trigger it, which is why summer seems to be the season for using it. Psychokinesis can also have healing applications.

I cut myself while trying to fix the razor that I stepped into the basket where I keep it. I said, “stop bleeding” and two cuts on my thumb below the pad stopped bleeding. I was cut though on the right size of my thumb, and this generally means I shouldn’t use it for a while. I saw plastic on top of my crepe get bent out of shape. It is amazing what starts bending and what doesn’t bend. I’ve let go of my addiction to alcohol, that I wonder on how the psychokinesis would be affected by caffeine or drinking. Eating chocolate seems to be a fat trigger for this ability. So all of October, I’m limiting my intake of chocolate which to me, is like crack.

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