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Why I Have Been Stigmatized in Facebook Groups

October 9, 2019

Some of them are so mean. I had to report one for hate speech by one member. Yes, she just went for the chance to be mean to me the second I said I had to treat chocolate like crack. As I’m an addict, I have had to turn away from caffeine permanently even if chocolate has some in it. Gee, hmm, I need my medication to sleep at night. You picking on me for that pal? You ridiculously jealous person. Wow. I have a kind heart and the number of times I have had to deal with other people’s jealousy.

Hell I broke up with the ex to get away from his mother and himself. I needed to pretty much get myself back together. The Facebook psychics are so freakin mean to me in groups. It’s appalling. I have pediatric onset schizoaffective that wasn’t properly treated until I was 30. How the fuck do you expect me to read for people if my thoughts are disorganized or if I’m flat out delusional? Your stigma for a flu shot getter like me is ridiculous. I’m a practical person who knows about the real world. I served Foothill College student government two years.

I was able to take down some idiot who was tricking our females into sleeping with him. I sensed this, using my abilities, then figured out the best way to take him down was to pretend interest, then tell him no. So I grabbed him by the balls and made the experienced jerk feel uncomfortable. I use my powers to help people. Life would be very boring without me if I had been taken out of the gene pool at 10 years old. Whatever, moving on.

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