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Domestic Violence Causes Stress

October 10, 2019

Domestic violence can cause a person heavy stress. My parents have no idea how much stress their shit causes me. In particular, my mother, who doesn’t have a clue as to how I’m feeling, how I feel about something, or what I’m dealing with half the time anyway. Domestic violence causes the victims a whole lot of aggravation, stress, and heartache. I have come to realize I didn’t deserve all of their stress. I had to live with immense panic attacks in high school, caused by exposure to domestic violence. I became a severe alcoholic because I was exposed to a lot of domestic violence.

I’m unable to go to therapy today because I feel physically run down even if I got enough sleep last night. I wasn’t totally dealing with psychic attacks from the covefefe, but I’m okay today although I changed my set without the needle bending and I’ve decided to stay home. I have been looking for real jobs using Indeed and Glassdoor. I epically failed my first direct order on Textbroker. I’m not seeing much in the way of extra income this month at all, so I’m worried about how the hell I’m going to pay off my credit card bill, which is why I’ve been looking for a real job. The second a real job happens, I’m going to the SSI office one morning to talk to someone. This is what you must do, to inform them that I found a source of income.

Granted, I need money to look into certain things like real legal advice. Not that my family takes any interest in any of my doings. They try, but they put me on ignore, and hate my writing most of all because it doesn’t go in line with their world view that I’m actually retarded because I have 22q. There were many dark events in my life. Gaslighting is so evil to do to somebody because it is a total lie.

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