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Accessing the Akashic Record

October 11, 2019

The Akashic Record is a record of everything ever said, spoken, written, or thought on this planet and the galaxy in general, or the universe at large. It is accessible using psychic technology. Any psychic can tap into it although I’m the sort who has trouble focusing. I have trouble focusing only because of my schizophrenia. The Akashic Records hold the truth of everything. It contains every mean thing a person has ever said or done, and is not limited to that but also to the good things people have done. I suppose the Gods use this when they judge your soul’s actions after you die.

Some of us believe in an afterlife where your soul is without pain and granted eternal rest. Some of us do believe that a person dies, going to either heaven or hell. It depends on the religion the person was raised in. The Akashic Record holds every word ever spoken by someone. I can hear these words but not in detail. I feel that I have heard mean things by someone about someone else but I cannot retrieve it. I wish I could dig around, grab it, and then repeat it. Because some people just love being mean to people. I do not because I’m not like that unless they have earned it.

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