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A Psychic and A Writer

October 12, 2019

Okay, my writing comes from automatic writing most days, and I trance channel everything. I realized this in college because I could write first drafts, good drafts, in like one draft. I would turn in my work every week because I’d get done in a short time. Trance mediums use a form of mental mediumship to communicate with spirits although I use it to communicate with my subconscious, higher self. Having rapid cycling bipolar, as a schizoaffective I cannot let a spirit take full control. I cannot just let myself talk to spirits since this would be a touch dangerous for my mental health.

I’ve never been hospitalized for anything serious. My knee injury is the most ER I’ve seen in 28 years. I’m notorious amongst my doctors for not having emergencies. I live by myself because other people’s energy makes me manic. I have to be wary of who I interact with. I’ve got to be very careful with that actually. I can’t hang out with anybody dreary, or just plain nasty. This has only increased since they rediscovered my hiatal hernia, which I’m waiting around to see if it needs surgery or does not need surgery yet.

Things will eventually hit the fan with that hernia, either way, it will eventually require removal if I expect to have pizza again. I suppose you could say I’m like Edgar Cayce only I have massive health problems. Automatic writing is the way I write most days, typing at the speed of my thoughts, with a high degree of accuracy save when mania hits me which is not very often anymore because I’ve been stable for years, living by myself. I feel weighed down by other people’s energy sometimes.

Writing fiction occurs in a flow state for me. I’m almost in a light trance. But then again my work has been scaring me to death lately. My own ideas are terrifying me because my character is terrified. I do not write with a pen and paper, I write on the computer. My hernia may be creating a creative block. I suppose I’m a claircognizant who can just have numerous insights and random knowledge, etc. pop into my head. I could start a business from this skill give or take I get my act together financially.

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